What gear do I use?

I will not write novels about why I use this or that lens or other gear. In a nutshell, I will describe what I use when shooting wedding stories. I do not have the most expensive or the most advanced technique but I try to get to know it and use it for 100%. If you care about something, just write to me.

This is all what I need

Sony A7S2, Sony A6500, Zeiss 35mm f/1.4, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8, Helios 44-2, Samyang 14mm f/2.8, Macbook PRO 15", iPad Air, Drone, Dji Ronin-M, Rode Mic, Tascam Recorder, Yamaha Recorder, Hard drive, Batteries, Bag...

This is all what I need

Sony A7S2

My primary body to filming weddings. Thanks to the large full frame sensor it has a great bokeh and low noise even at higher ISO. Wedding turns to 1080p50fps or some moments 100fps. Recently, I used the old Helios manual tilt-shift reduction on this body. I love this effect.

Sony A6500

My Secondary body, but I prefer more than the A7S2 lately. Especially because of the amazing focus system. It is a very small and easy camera, so I often use it on gimbale. It is much faster than the A7S2, but it has bigger problems in the dark at higher ISO. I do not use 4K resolution, I prefer 1080p at higher FPS.

Zeiss 35mm f / 1.4

Amazing, fast and bright lens. It’s my most used lens. I could make him the whole wedding. Beautiful bokeh and fast focusing. I love this lens.

Sony 24-70mm f / 2.8

Very practical lens that is enough to shoot the whole wedding. It has a great range, good lightness, but it’s a bit impractical. Especially with its large weight, but also by change length by zoom.

Samyang 14mm f / 2.8

Wide-angle, Samyang manual lens. I use it mainly in combination with longer lenses. During the wedding I use it at a party when I want to get close contact with people.

Helios 44-2

Very interesting manual lens, especially for its characteristic round bokeh. I use it on the A7S2 in combination with the tilt-shift reduction for this interesting effect.

Dji Ronin-M

I shoot most of the wedding day by hand, but with some interesting moments (portraits, first dance …) I’m using Ronin-M. It’s a great stabilizer that you can put on a 85mm lens and you’ll have a great and smooth shot. When you learn to control it, it will be your great helper.

Dji Mavic Air

Small and very handy dron. Within 1 minute, pull it out of your backpack, spread out and take off. Video quality, of course, is not like the Inspire models, but it is quite sufficient for normal use in wedding films.

Macbook Pro

My lovely travel friend. After a year of use, it has the same performance as the day I bought it. Great tool for post-production videos in 4K resolution. I work in Adobe (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom) and am very happy with the performance and work on Macbook.

Rode Microphones

I have been using Rode Microphones for almost 10 years now and I am satisfied with the sound quality and the lifetime (with bad handling).


Tascam Audio Recorders I use to record sound, whether as a speaker microphone or by connecting to audio output.