Elesko Modra

Luxurious wedding of Lucia and John in the Elesko Modra. It was really a great experience, making a wedding in such beautiful location and a wonderful pair of young couple. I started shooting in the morning with the bride. Then we moved to a church in Modra, where they had a wedding ceremony. Then there was just a party in the vineyard.

Luxury Wedding

Besides the video music, I chose a color grading video that best describes the luxurious wedding atmosphere. The bride is a model and, as a model of her wedding dress, she chose the Slovak folk motif. She was really beautiful.

Watch the Story

After filming and postproduction the final wedding video I sent them a short Love Story. Those were incredibly happy about him. You can see it directly in this article. The whole movie is shoot on Sony A7S2 with a 50mm lens 1.4