Me and iPhoneX on the road

I've been on the field for the past two years so I need a device that can do everything I need. I bought the iPhone X and here is a list of my most used applications.

Life Cycle

Great app for people like me who do not remember what they did a week ago. This app captures your location and teaches them places and activities. You can see how much time you spent at home, at work, fitness, shopping or any other activity. Then you will create charts (daily, monthly, yearly).


This app can automate any activity with one click of a button. You can create automatic buttons on the smartphone’s locked screen. For example, it will give you a reminder that tells you when you arrive home what you should not forget. It also automatically creates a reminder based on the event calendar and location that will appear to you when you arrive at a specific event. With one click, you will see the closest hotels, restaurants or gas stations in your area. Record how much water you have drunk during the day, or automatically create a collage of your yesterday photos and post them on an instagram. All this with one click on a pre-programmed button. Also the ability to control an app through Apple Watch.


One of my most popular apps for creating video / photo effects. You can put a wealth of quality and modern effects directly into your photos or videos. Endless possibilities and combination.

Filmic Pro

Professional video application where you can set manual ISO, exposure, white balance, focus point and many other things. It also supports flat and LOG modes, zebra, fucus peaking, stabilization and much more. When you plug in your headphones, you can hear the real-time sound that’s in the video.


My favorite app for postproduction and video editing on iPhone. Video in 4K resolution is cut and rendered in real time. Also, a lot of filters, transitions and glitch effects are part of the application.


With this app, you can apply any LUTs directly to your iPhone. The application contains a large LUTs library and it is also possible to import its own LUT presets.


An application designed primarily for iPhoneX users, allowing you to play with depth of field in portrait-based photos. You can focus on any part of the photo, you can also simulate a particular lens (Zeiss, Helios, Olymus, Leica, Minolta …) and all lens errors (vignetting, chromatic aberration, dispersion, dust, fisheye effect…)


Use this app to edit any photo right on your smartphone. It includes all the basics of photo editing tools, lots of interesting filters and also retouching of the face. I have been using this app for over 5 years, and absolutely nothing is missing.


I spent several days choosing ToDoList app and tried out dozens of apps. But this has taken me the most. First of all, with its unprecedented ability to control Apple Watch.


Great diary app for all people who are attacking ideas that they need to write down immediately. It also works on Apple Watch, where you can dictate with your voice.


One click to Apple Watch will start audio recording, which then translates your iPhone into the text. Great and simple application.


If you want to have all the numbers on your phone or Apple Watch, this is the right solution. The application downloads data from your Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Wordpress and many other social networks to create a beautiful summary of your smartphone or watch area.


If you regularly share social network posts, I recommend using this app. You can schedule all posts on Facebook or Instagram in advance, and the app will gradually add them to your timeline at predetermined dates and times.